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If You are Looking for a Church Please Read this Page!

At Abundant Life Fellowship we certainly understand why some people are constantly looking for a new Church because of unpleasant experiences from the Churches they visit.  Unpleasant experiences, such as having to listen to boring dry sermons or Bible lessons, sitting through dead praise and worship, no programs for children and worst of all unfriendly and uncaring people. As a Pastor I completely understand this because those kinds of experiences at Church have turned me off too! That is why we have gone to great lengths to make sure you only have good experiences here at Abundant Life Fellowship. Here is what you can expect at Abundant Life.


1. Friendly Caring People

At Abundant Life Fellowship you will not have the bad experience of unfriendly and uncaring people. The congregation at Abundant Life Fellowship is some of the most caring and loving people you will ever meet. Our motto is “Because Jesus cares and loves you, we here at Abundant Life care and love you too.” 


2. You are Very Important to Us

At Abundant Life Fellowship you will find that you and your family are very important to us. In some Churches, especially the larger mega churches, you are nothing more than just a number.   Not here! At Abundant Life Fellowship not only are we interested in you as a person, but we also want to help you find and obtain the dreams and goals that God has for you. Creating an opportunity for you to use your God given talents and gifts is one of our priorities.  If you believe God has more for you than just sitting and listening Sunday after Sunday, then you need a Church that will help you become everything God has designed for you to be.  Abundant Life Fellowship is a Church that believes in making Disciples for Christ not just gathering a crowd. It is our goal to proclaim to you the uncompromised Word of God so that you will find God's perfect will for your life. Also, you can call on the Pastoral Staff for a visit anytime and we will schedule to meet with you at your convenience. BECAUSE JESUS CARES - WE CARE!


3. A Relaxing Atmosphere - Come as You Are!

We believe God looks on the heart of people and not on their outward appearance. No one is treated any differently by the clothes they wear or by the style of their hair. Therefore, we do not judge any one by how they dress or how they look.  So come as you are in blue jeans, shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, whatever. Please come with an open heart ready to receive from the Lord!


4. No Boring Sermons or Dry Bible Studies

At Abundant Life Fellowship you will not have to sit through boring, dry sermons and Bible studies. Every message comes directly from the Bible and is not only meaningful and relevant but is brought to life as Scripture references and power point pictures are projected on a 12 foot screen. Although our sanctuary is a very comfortable place to sit, we promise you will not fall asleep during the message. DVD's of all messages are available at minimal price.


5. Exciting Praise and Worship

At Abundant Life Fellowship every Worship service has exuberant and dynamic hand clapping foot stomping praise music and heart touching worship.   We sing the older hymns and choruses as well as the newer praise and worship songs.  Our congregation is continually learning new songs because we feel praise and worship needs to always be a fresh experience with the Lord.


6. Kids B.L.A.S.T.

Bible Learning And Spiritual Transformation

At Abundant Life Fellowship you will find we have exciting and fun events for your children. Each Sunday children will have a BLAST under the newly developed Childrens' Program! Children will have fun as they learn about God's Word and how it applys to their young lives.

Other events for our children are planned throughout the year such as Water Fund Day for the entire family. 


7. Men and Ladies Bible Study & Fellowship Groups

Abundant Life Fellowship has a Bible Study and Fellowship groups for both the men and women. 

W.O.W. - Women of the Word is our Bible Study group.  This is a group of ladies who study God's Word together to enable each lady to grow in the Lord and be strong in Him and His Word. Not only do we study together, we enjoy fellowship, caring and sharing.  W.O.W. aims to show sisterly love and concern for one another and do as I Corinthians 16:13 exhorts, "Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month at 10:00 am

Brotherhood of Believers Fellowship

A time for the men of Abundant Life Fellowship to meet in fellowship and prayer in order to study God's Word and lift each other up and encourage each other. Our Breakfast time is the Last Saturday of each month at 9:00 am.

Currently, this is a Breakfast prayer and Bible Study meeting.  We hope to develop our fellowship to include community and church outreach and aid. 


Come Check Us Out!

Now that you have read a little about who we are, we hope you will take the time to read the rest of our web-page so you can see what kind of services Abundant Life Fellowship has to offer you and your family. We trust you will like what you read and will visit us soon. God bless you in your search for a church home. We hope to see you real soon!